About us

This year we will celebrate 22 years since our first magazine Lilit was launched. Since then we have gone through times of rapid expansion and serious downsizing. What have always moved us forward are the basic principles of our business – top quality of our products and continuous innovations.

All our media projects are perfectly focused; their audiences are clearly definable and matched to our advertisers’ targets. The content and design of our glossies build perfect environment for efficient marketing of strong international and local brands. Our magazine titles and internet projects take leading positions in their market segments while our custom publishing arm is the largest in the country.

Obviously, our people are those who make the difference. Their talent and skills bring us a continuous flow of creative ideas combined with stability of production process and timing.

We value our international partnerships as well. As a member of international networks of Hearst, Gruner & Jahr and Bauer we gain a necessary portion of business knowledge, market research and experience.

Our editors are highly independent, more than in any media company in the country. This makes our products a very trustful source of practical information combined with appropriate level of entertainment and inspiration.

We work closely with the businesses related to our topics. Be it fashion, beauty, angling or construction industries – all of them gain a strong input from us both in growing their scale and productivity.

There is a social impact of our business, too. We try to strengthen families, support different aspects of people’s life - health, career, hobby, social life and entertainment. Or to say it short – we just deliver a good read.