14% increase in subscription of our magazines

The subscription campaign for 2017 has ended with an impressive 14% increase of total amount of subscribers of all magazines of the publishing house. The result is a sum of increase of subscribers of particular titles (Lilit ru, Lilit lv, Patron, Latvijas Būvniecība, Latvijas Architektūra, Nezināmā Vēsture) and also thanks to the new titles launched in 2016 – Ceļojums Vēsturē, Nezināmā Kara Vēsture and Četras Sezonas.

Certainly, the main reason for continuous success in subscription is the high editorial quality level – traditionally being the core competitive advantage of Lilita. At the same time we have to take into account also the firm financial situation of our subscribers as a second important reason of the increase.